In this fast paced, technology and achievement driven world, our souls often cry out for more ease and simplicity and a greater connection to nature. We want to be part of that journey of re-connection.

Our story may be a familiar one... happily married and pursuing our respective careers in food technology and business consultancy, we had that niggly feeling that something was missing. On date nights, the topic of conversation would always land on the same life question, "how do we fill that missing gap?" The response to that was always the same three words... simplicity, adventure and freedom.

One early Saturday summer morning, unable to sleep in the heat, we found ourselves sitting in the garden and decided to make some changes. By the end of the weekend, half the lawn had been converted to a chicken run and our plans for a back yard farm were in place.

Since then we haven't looked back. Like so many, we have become bored and frustrated with the meaningless, commercial consumerism and the insatiable desire for more. We use our three values, Simple, Wild & Free as the guiding philosophies for creating a life full of purpose, inspiration and connection.

We took the plunge and switched careers to better express that vision and this site was born.

Our vision is to create beautiful, sustainable products that bring joy and inspiration to your life. We hope each of these will serve as a reminder of the appreciation of simple pleasures and foster that sense of connection and community. 

Tim & Tiffany Brett

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Earth Positive